sábado, 31 de mayo de 2008

Here comes Jimmy!

I've been awfully busy but I finally found some time to draw Jimmy. I'll check them later, I believe the fourth one came out pretty good.

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

More Sody doodles

Ok, I'm really busy at the moment, so I am not copying originals for a while, but I did draw some more Sody poses I invented cause I draw that much faster than the original ones...I actually drew a couple of original Sody drawings yesterday, but I'm not posting them...they were pretty lousy, but I must say I copied them directly from John K's blog and I wasn't even watching the whole drawings while doing it, so I couldn't get the line of action. But I did get some aspects of Sody and I could do these doodles. Some of those look like her, others I guess they don't.
Maybe I do the head too big sometimes.

Some of those are partially inspired in the drawings I copied. It's kinda difficult to be sure whether some of those are close or not, cause, even though the construction is kinda similar she still looks a little different from one picture to another, especially when you compare these two: Ok, I'm posting my version of those, but I warned you they were far from perfect...
Hummm...I made those hairs at the back of her head a little too long in the ones I created. In the Raketu those hairs are longer, but maybe still not as long as I draw them.

I'll continue with George's originals when I have more spare time.

martes, 6 de mayo de 2008

Yep, still more attempts...

Yep, I'm still with this one, and I think I'm still not getting it totally right...
Also here is my attempt at doing a half-decent expression of my own, based on what I've learned...though maybe I haven't totally learnt the construction yet...

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008

Gone fishin'

I copied those from the comic books. The first one came out pretty good I think, the other two...maybe I should concentrate in simpler expressions.

domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

George and the bug

I'm concentrating on this one cause I really want to nail it, it's such a cool expression. I can easily see now that the eyes are not quite right, he should be looking more down, to the bug. Why do I see that now and not when I drawing it? Note to John K. if he's looking : the construction is (or was) there at some point. I just traced it down several times in my light-table, so some drawings show the construction more than others, but I'm always tracing down another drawing that has more construction.

Well, I got the nose and the mouth quite good this time. I should know at this point that I don't have to make the hair too tall, but it's difficult to keep it small. His right eye should be smaller (there is a thing called perspective!). I swear to God that the size of the eyes seems more compensated when you look at the real drawing in the paper, for some reason. Maybe cause I made the whole drawing pretty big. Actually the eyes are probably better in the one at the top of this entry. I'm still doing the cranium too short. Heh, each time I make a tiny improvement I find my previous efforts weird. Now I find the one in my previous post kinda odd (especially after making the flip canvas horizontal thing), but at the moment I thought it was pretty accurate.

The magic trick

I have one of those tables with a lamp inside, but I wasn't using it with the other sketches cause I was copying directly from my computer and I don't have that table in the same room. This time I printed John's drawings and I went to my other room to draw them. After drawing them I turned the paper and I looked at it from the other side and BLAM! a lot of the mistakes became apparent to me. So I copied those again in the other side of the paper, using the construction of the first drawings that I saw through the paper. Now I apply Flip Canvas Horizontal in Photoshop and compare...
Ok, they are still not quite perfect, but at least I think they look pretty decent on themselves...Mainly I shouldn't have changed the neck of the second one and the mouth is still a bit too big, but the rest of the drawing I think I got it quite better when I turned the paper.The first one is more exaggerated in general.

sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Specific expressions

John posted some specific expressions. What do you know? It seems I'm a bit better with those. That or I actually learnt something from the previous ones. The one in the middle is pretty flawed though. I still find the chin pretty tricky, I try to keep it short, but I always end making it wider once I start placing the mouth. But when the drawing is finished the mouth is sometimes bigger in my drawing and the chin is almost always too big. All the drawings have pencil lines that indicate a placement of the chin that would have probably been more adequate, however while making the drawing I felt the chin was too close to the mouth compared to the original and that's why I made it bigger. That's cause I normally place the mouth below where it really should be or I make it bigger than I should.

Also I took a taste of Jimmy, copying one expression from the comic books. I have not compared it yet, but , as I suspected, I think I'm better with Jimmy. I'll continue with George now, though.

Let's see another try

Cleaned up (though a little fast-inked) version: Comparative:

It seems that each time I fix something I get something else wrong that I got right at first...

More comparative

Again I made the cheek too long and the cranium too short...wow, this is hard...but I guess I'm getting a little closer...

Sody doodles

Ok, here is something different. Since John posted his Raketu ad I've been drawing lots of Sody's skethes of my own. I enjoy drawing sexy girls, but I probably have changed Sody a little. Other artist I've tried to copy are Paul Dini and Preston Blair. And I usually pay attention to Shane Glines' work, though I think I've never tried to copy it. I did a lot of drawings of Red long ago, so maybe the shape of Sody's body look a little like that sometimes.

In this first one I was actually trying to make her on model, though I probably made her a little less cartoony than she actually is.
The one in the left corner is pretty poor. The one in the right I ruined it a little with the face.
I went a little too extreme with the proportions in some of those I guess, the head is too big sometimes.

Now all those are free-style. There are probably a lot of mistakes and I will probably learn it when we start drawing Sody, (for example I guess I should give her more space in her forehead instead of too much hair and probably I should use the squash and stretch thing in her face more often) but I think some of those don't look half bad. I had a lot of fun drawing them, at least.

A couple of attempts more

Cleaned up versions, I erased the pencil with the scanner this time, just to see how they looked, but I'd probably include it again in the next sketches to show the construction. This is not the best inking I can do, I draw those pretty quick, but I can make it better (if you see the drawings full size you can see the second one has some very fast inking).

More comparative

Hmmm, they are not very accurate. I almost got it with the first one, but the cranium is too short. I hope I can draw that better without having a mistake in anything else.

Less cheek and jab, more neck, ear in other place, shorter eyebrow.

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008

More faces

Here are some more I made after checking them...

Let's face it...

Maybe I should concentrate only in the head, that's hard enough...I cleaned this one up a little bit to improve some features in the second round...

And more...

I'm clearly not very good with the exact copy, but I'll keep trying. Maybe I'm working on too many expressions at the same time, but hey, I like variety. I added a couple of ones from the comic books. Ok, I made the last one myself just for fun...I know I shouldn't be doing it at this early stage, but I hope Mr. K. isn't looking...Heh, in fact, I hope he's looking.

Let's check another one...

-Shorten chin

-More inclined

-Smaller hand

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

Let's try another one.

Here I make him slimer, but I think this pose is a little "easier" than the other one...Those two are the cooler ones. I guess the rest are more in model.

Not too bad I guess, but I must confess I actually have made the image a little wider in the photoshop, so I have to make him wider and place things in his face a little differently.