domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

George and the bug

I'm concentrating on this one cause I really want to nail it, it's such a cool expression. I can easily see now that the eyes are not quite right, he should be looking more down, to the bug. Why do I see that now and not when I drawing it? Note to John K. if he's looking : the construction is (or was) there at some point. I just traced it down several times in my light-table, so some drawings show the construction more than others, but I'm always tracing down another drawing that has more construction.

Well, I got the nose and the mouth quite good this time. I should know at this point that I don't have to make the hair too tall, but it's difficult to keep it small. His right eye should be smaller (there is a thing called perspective!). I swear to God that the size of the eyes seems more compensated when you look at the real drawing in the paper, for some reason. Maybe cause I made the whole drawing pretty big. Actually the eyes are probably better in the one at the top of this entry. I'm still doing the cranium too short. Heh, each time I make a tiny improvement I find my previous efforts weird. Now I find the one in my previous post kinda odd (especially after making the flip canvas horizontal thing), but at the moment I thought it was pretty accurate.

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