sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Specific expressions

John posted some specific expressions. What do you know? It seems I'm a bit better with those. That or I actually learnt something from the previous ones. The one in the middle is pretty flawed though. I still find the chin pretty tricky, I try to keep it short, but I always end making it wider once I start placing the mouth. But when the drawing is finished the mouth is sometimes bigger in my drawing and the chin is almost always too big. All the drawings have pencil lines that indicate a placement of the chin that would have probably been more adequate, however while making the drawing I felt the chin was too close to the mouth compared to the original and that's why I made it bigger. That's cause I normally place the mouth below where it really should be or I make it bigger than I should.

Also I took a taste of Jimmy, copying one expression from the comic books. I have not compared it yet, but , as I suspected, I think I'm better with Jimmy. I'll continue with George now, though.

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Gavin Freitas dijo...

These are awesome. Looks good to me...