sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Sody doodles

Ok, here is something different. Since John posted his Raketu ad I've been drawing lots of Sody's skethes of my own. I enjoy drawing sexy girls, but I probably have changed Sody a little. Other artist I've tried to copy are Paul Dini and Preston Blair. And I usually pay attention to Shane Glines' work, though I think I've never tried to copy it. I did a lot of drawings of Red long ago, so maybe the shape of Sody's body look a little like that sometimes.

In this first one I was actually trying to make her on model, though I probably made her a little less cartoony than she actually is.
The one in the left corner is pretty poor. The one in the right I ruined it a little with the face.
I went a little too extreme with the proportions in some of those I guess, the head is too big sometimes.

Now all those are free-style. There are probably a lot of mistakes and I will probably learn it when we start drawing Sody, (for example I guess I should give her more space in her forehead instead of too much hair and probably I should use the squash and stretch thing in her face more often) but I think some of those don't look half bad. I had a lot of fun drawing them, at least.

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