miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

More Sody doodles

Ok, I'm really busy at the moment, so I am not copying originals for a while, but I did draw some more Sody poses I invented cause I draw that much faster than the original ones...I actually drew a couple of original Sody drawings yesterday, but I'm not posting them...they were pretty lousy, but I must say I copied them directly from John K's blog and I wasn't even watching the whole drawings while doing it, so I couldn't get the line of action. But I did get some aspects of Sody and I could do these doodles. Some of those look like her, others I guess they don't.
Maybe I do the head too big sometimes.

Some of those are partially inspired in the drawings I copied. It's kinda difficult to be sure whether some of those are close or not, cause, even though the construction is kinda similar she still looks a little different from one picture to another, especially when you compare these two: Ok, I'm posting my version of those, but I warned you they were far from perfect...
Hummm...I made those hairs at the back of her head a little too long in the ones I created. In the Raketu those hairs are longer, but maybe still not as long as I draw them.

I'll continue with George's originals when I have more spare time.

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