jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

George Liquor's drawings

So, John K. is asking for some people who can draw his characters and even though I'm from Spain it seems he would hire some free-lancers as well, so I thought I should try it at least, cause I'm a very big fan.

Problem is I'm extremely busy with other work at the moment. I hope I'll be finishing it in a week or so, then I hope I can continue with this...

Those are my first ones...some of them look like George Liquor I guess, but I believe I'm not an expert in copying the drawings exactly like John K. is demanding. I kind of get the construction of the characters in some of them I believe, but especially when I draw the full body I make him less inclined than he actually is in the original drawings, or the feet are too big...or sometimes the expression looks different, even though it still looks like George sometimes. Especially the last one I believe it's not such a bad drawing of George but it looks pretty different to the original one I was trying to copy.

Anyway, I'm currently comparing some of these in photoshop. I really hope that helps.

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