jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

Inking Jim Smith

Here George should wear a sleeping hat instead of a fez, I just forgot it cause that's the first one I drew.

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Ryan G. dijo...

Hey I saw your comment on John K's blog
You Wrote:
Does someone have a link to some Illustrator tutorial? I'm trying to ink with it but I can't figure out how it works. There are automatic changes and corrections when I do some of the lines or other lines are erased automatically when I draw the new ones...

I dont have any specific tutorials except for Brian Romero's tutorial on how to ink. Here's the link for that:
Go to the bottom of the page.

Also, are you using a Wacom tablet? If you are not, its really going to be difficult to ink with just a mouse.

When you do a stroke, Illustrator sort of smooths out your line with a series of bezier verticies. You can click on each one to reposition them and grab the handles to adjust the arcs.
The black arrow will grab the whole stroke but the white arrow will allow you to grab points.
After you draw a stroke, you can see that it is highlighted or selected. If you draw another stroke with out deselecting it, it will disappear. You have to click off the fresh line to start a new one. Hope that helps bud. Good luck.

Roberto González dijo...

Thanks a lot! I'm going to try it. I do have a Wacom tablet, but all this inking has been made manually.