viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

Inking scribbles

This time I inked some of the scribbles John has just posted in his blog. I don't know if we're supossed to ink those, since I guess they should be cleaned up before, or at least some of them should. I actually had more fun with this cause it was not perfectly drawn already and there was some room for interpretation. Also this one in particular I though it was a very, very funny drawing. I didn't make it on separate layers, but now I'm just trying to get better lines. I just realized George's eyebrows are frowned in the original sketch. It was a little hard to guess.

Here is another scribble I just inked, I made each character in separate layers, but I guess I should also separate head from bodies if this was a serious attempt. Maybe Sody should wear earings too? Lines in Sody's shape could be a little thicker to be closer to George's ones.

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